All Heat Design stoves are automatically covered by a one year warranty, but consumers will receive a free upgrade to a five year warranty on the parts listed if you register your appliance online or by completing the downloadable registration form and returned within one month.

One Year Warranty

The warranty on Heat Design Stoves is valid for one year after the date of purchase. The following parts are covered under the standard One Year Warranty:

Stove body excluding consumables

Please note: If you overfire your stove, parts will wear out a lot quicker. It is recommended that the chimney is swept at least once a year. Your chimney may require additional sweeping depending on stove usage.

Five Year Warranty

Register now and increase your warranty to five years on the following parts:

  • Top
  • Sides
  • Base
  • Front
  • Door
  • Legs

Please Note: All fields are mandatory and the Registration Form will not send until all fields are completed. Alternatively register offline by simply downloading the Warranty Document print, complete and return by post to the address on the Warranty.