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Category: Order Alprazolam Pills

Vitae 8kW Landscape Cassette Stove

Vitae 8kW Landscape Cassette Stove

Our Vitae Cassette Stoves have been designed to create a stunning focal point in any room. They incorporate the latest technology that ensures they burn fuel with superior efficiency. So, as well as the attractive contemporary design, your Heat Design cassette stove will mean lower fuel costs, as more heat is delivered into your room.

Models Available include the 6kW, 9kW & 11kW Glass Fronted and 5kW & 8kW Landscape Stoves.

Dimensions are approximate and are subject to change without prior notice. Please double check all measurements with your retailer.

Cheap Xanax Canada, Buy Xanax From Canada Online

  • Extra large glass door
  • Sleek contemporary design
  • Maximized heat output
  • Outstanding efficiency
  • Airwash system for clear glass
  • Available with 4 sided frames
  • Available with external air option
  • Steel frame option also available
  • Meets 2022 emission standards


Overall size mm (WxHxD) 835 x 505 x 335 (version 1)

835 x 505 x 355 (version 1.1)

Weight (kg) 105
Output to room 8kW/27,296BTU
Fuel Type Wood*
Efficiency 82.9%
Flue Diameter 5” / 127mm
EcoReady 2022 emission standards

*Wood moisture content should be below 20% for optimum burning


Xanax Australia Buy