Skamotec 225 Fireplace Building Board


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Skamotec 225 Fireplace Building Board

Skamotec 225 is a high heat and fire resistant calcium silicate board providing several advantages including high mechanical strength, low thermal conductivity and maximum service temperatures of 1000°C.

The exceptional heat resistance makes the Skamotec 225 able to withstand continuous heat cycles. Skamotec 225 is the Complete & Safe System for Fireplace Enclosures.

  • Quartz-free composition
  • No hazardous particles released during processing
  • Reaction to fire A1 certified
  • 100% non-combustible material
  • Easy and fast processing and installation


The perfect partners for SKAMOTEC 225

SkamoEnclosure Primer

A water based resin primer (to be used on boards before use) formulated to prevent issues caused by water uptake on the board which causes a rapid loss of workability and cracking to an applied plaster coating.

SkamoEnclosure Glue

A waterborne adhesion to porous surfaces. It is inorganic and non-cementitious and is used for mounting of SkamoEnclosure Board fireplace building boards.

SkamoEnclosure Smooth Plaster

A fast curing cement and fibre based lightweight universal mortar for jointing, filling and surface finishing that requires only the addition of water.

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Dimensions are approximate and are subject to change without prior notice. Please double check all measurements with your retailer.

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