Lacunza Atlantic 601


Lacunza Atlantic 601

Lacunza Stoves are a benchmark firm in the wood-burning stove market. They design, manufacture and market products with a clear focus on innovation and customer service. Lacunza uses advanced technologies in the design and manufacture in its entire range of stoves.

The Atlantic 601 is a stunning modern stove set on a pedestal. This stove with all its volume will create a real show stopper in your home and provide plenty of heat.

Dimensions are approximate and are subject to change without prior notice. Please double check all measurements with your retailer.

Atlantic 601

Overall size (WxHxD) 600mm x 850mm x 400mm
Weight (kg) 90
Output to Room 12kW/40,944BTU
Efficiency 85%
Fuel Type Wood
Flue Diameter 6” / 150mm

*Wood moisture content should be below 20% for optimum burning





  • Large glass viewing window
  • Sculptured cast iron stove
  • Double combustion control
  • Firebox available in vermiculite or steel
  • Superb efficiencies – up to 85%
  • Ecodesign Compliant



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