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Uk Xanax Buy, Xanax 2Mg Online

Uk Xanax Buy, Xanax 2Mg Online

Category: Discount Alprazolam Online

Geocast Beam – Dark

Geocast Beam – Dark

A new smaller size of 36” is now available in the Geocast Oak Effect Beams.

  • Available in 36”, 48” & 54”
  • 36” = 917mm (w) x 140mm (h) x 105mm (d)
  • 48” = 1220mm (w) x 140mm (h) x 105mm (d)
  • 54” = 1370mm (w) x 140mm (h) x 105mm (d)
  • Heat resistant, non-combustible beams
  • Amazingly realistic
  • Made from lightweight moulded geocast material
  • Heat resistant beams, Non-combustible
  • Comes in dark and light oak effect
  • Weight 8.5 – 12kg

Dimensions are approximate and are subject to change without prior notice. Please double check all measurements with your retailer.

Uk Xanax Buy, Xanax 2Mg Online

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