Adjustable Lengths (Including Locking Band)


Adjustable Lengths (Including Locking Band)

This component is used to ensure any variation in length is achievable as outlined below. The adjustable lengths are non load bearing and telescopic and a wall bracket must be used on the component directly above the chimney run. Extra insulation is included so that additional length can be filled.

Heat Design twin wall components are insulated and can be used as an independent chimney. Twin wall flue can be used internally or externally and is completely weather proof. Twin wall flue systems must be used when passing
through any wall or floor of a building.

Heat Design twin wall flues are made from stainless steel 316 inner liner, stainless steel 304 outer liner with high density insulation in between. A minimum gap of 50mm must be maintained between Heat Design twin wall and any combustible material.


Available in Black or Silver

Product CodeA(mm)B(mm)C(mm)D(mm)E(mm)
FLTSADJ600-300Adjustable 300-600202150300300-600600
FLTSADJ880-530Adjustable 530-880202150530530-880880
FLTBADJ600-300Adjustable 300-600 black202150300300-600600
FLTBADJ880-530Adjustable 530-880 black202150530530-880880

Dimensions are approximate and are subject to change without prior notice. Please double check all measurements with your retailer.

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