45° Tee with Cap (Including Locking Band)


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45° Tee with Cap (Including Locking Band)

This component is used when a change in direction in the flue run is required, it can be used with a 45° bend when a change from horizontal to vertical is required in the flue run. This component minimises the resistance to the flow of the flue gas because of the angle created with the vertical axis. It comes with a tee cap which provides access for inspection and cleaning. In addition the cap has a drain off connection.


Available in Black or Silver

Product CodeA(mm)B(mm)C(mm)D(mm)E(mm)
FLTS1500045T45º Tee with Cap50026520288302
FLTB1500045TTee with Cap Black50026520288302

Dimensions are approximate and are subject to change without prior notice. Please double check all measurements with your retailer.

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