Iconic Warranty Terms and Conditions

All Iconic gas fire products are subject to the terms of the warranty policy and guaranteed against defective build quality, faulty components or the fabric of the appliance.

  1. The warranty is valid for 24 months and commences from the date you purchase your Iconic gas fire. You need to retain the receipt / invoice for proof of purchase.
  2. The warranty form must be filled in online within one month of purchase.
  3. The appliance must be installed by a registered RGI installer in accordance with the fitting instructions.The registered RGI installer must certify the installation.
  4. It is a requirement of the warranty that an annual service is carried out on the appliance by a registered RGI installer.
  5. An annual service record detailing the installer’s registration number and receipt for the work carried out must be provided to validate the warranty in the event of a claim.
  6. This warranty is not transferable and relates to the original installation only.
  7. The warranty will be null and void if the appliance has been subjected to misuse, modified or repaired by any person other than an authorised representative of Iconic Gas Fires.

The following parts are covered under the 24 month warranty:

  • Gas appliance casing excluding consumables


  • Should you experience problems with your gas fire, you must first contact the retailer from where the appliance was purchased within 14 days from the date which the fault or defect arises.Heat Design cannot accept any liability for events or issues which arise after the 14 day period or which are caused or increased by the lack of notification which therefore prevented action being taken to restrict or eliminate any consequences arising from the fault or defect at an earlier date. You may be asked to pay a deposit before an engineer calls out. This will not be refunded if the fault does not fall under the warranty conditions.

Warranty Limitations:

  • The warranty does not include seals or gas controls. The warranty does not include consumable parts which are subject to normal wear and tear (log sets and ceramic fuel effects, valves, pilot lights, glass, rope seals, internal linings, thermocouples, oxypilots and batteries).

Limitation Exclusions:

  • Under normal usage conditions it is not uncommon for the appliance to change colour slightly, we consider these circumstances to be normal therefore any discolouration would not be covered under the warranty.
  • Damage resulting from installation and usage where the appliance has not been installed or used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, modified in any way or if the installation does not conform to current building regulations, and current gas installation regulations.
  • Defects or faults caused by specific local conditions seasonal or other such as draught problems and aged progressive chimney defects. It is important to ensure that the chosen chimney and the heating system, as a whole, are suitable for the purpose intended and conform to the relevant regulations and standards.
  • Upgrading or improvement works due to changes in legislation.
  • Faults relating to the wider gas or electric distribution network.
  • Damage caused by the product being stored in a damp unheated environment, which includes long periods of the appliance being out of use.
  • Any products/ parts that are replaced during the warranty period will only be covered for the remainder of the original warranty period.
  • The warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of parts found to be defective in material or workmanship after confirmation of the defect, provided that such parts have been subjected to normal conditions of service.Any installation labour, transportation or other related costs/expenses arising from defective part(s), repair or replacement or otherwise of same will not be covered under this warranty agreement therefore Heat Design would not assume responsibility for any associated costs. That will also include any incidental indirect or consequential damages except as provided by law.